Monday, 5 January 2009

Project 365: Picture 365

The last one! Photo 365 of 365. The last of one whole year. Phew. Of course, the beady-eyed of you will notice that because the year in question was the leapy 2008 there should have been 366 photos all told. But I forgot one. Way back in July. So I am ending my year on 365 after all.

And here it is, the very last one, taken approaching midnight after the champagne had been opened and we'd eaten as much leftover Christmas pud as possible:

31st Dec

And here's to not having to take a photo every day in 2009! Well, not having to take the last minute rather crap photo when I've been uninspired all day and it's nearly bedtime. I shall continue to carry my camera around with me and be click-happy though for sure.

And now, hopefully, for a very jolly old 2009...

Project 365: Weeks 49 - 52; mostly December

In which I frantically prepared for Christmas in many respects (which meant a fair amount of late-night knitting was accomplished), the decorations were pretty, the family arrived, and I didn't burn the turkey.

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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Project 365: Weeks 45 - 48; mostly November

In which, erm, stuff happened. Mostly indoors by the looks of it. I expect it was raining:

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