Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Elephant Adventures

I am mightily relieved. After three weeks of terrible weather, frequent drenchings and gales that have kept the storm door permanently in action, I awoke this morning to glorious sunshine. The cabin fever has lifted. And Elephant came out with me to see the world...

Elephant woke up to see that the big grey door was finally open, and she ran out onto the balcony to see what the world was doing. Suddenly all seemed sunny and peaceful, and she spent some time watching the boats going by, which seemed like a very fine thing for boats to be doing, and she wondered if she could join them.

After watching for a while she thought she'd got the hang of it, and set off to commandeer her own vessel and take it out for a spin. Or a swell. Or a sail. Or whatever the word was, she hadn't quite got the hang of the terminology yet. Or actually, of seamanship generally, and it wasn't long before she was in trouble. The waves were much bigger close up than she had thought they would be from the safety of the balcony. And it wasn't long before she found she had to grab the life buoy and make a break back to shore.

Where, exhausted she pulled herself up the beach to safety.

Safe at last she rested for while, pondering exactly where she was and how to get home again. She found herself surrounded by all sorts of other things that had washed up in the storms, and set about seeing who and what was around to help her.

At one point, thinking she might find help from some local lobsters, she found herself stuck in one of their houses, and finding noone at home, had to haul herself back out on her own.

Eventually she found herself in some kind of beach garden, and she came across the strange creature who lived there. Although the creature looked a bit odd, Elephant had enough courage left to ask the way back home, and was even given an old quill so she could write down some directions. And thus armed she set off again.

She'd not gone far when, happily, she came across a friendly giant who understood straight away where Elephant was trying to get to, and could see that she'd had a terrible ordeal and needed a hand. Elephant found herself swept up and carried away. She gratefully curled up inside the giant's coat and drifted off to sleep.

When she finally awoke, feeling a lot better, she looked around and discovered that she'd been taken all the way home, and eagerly tucked into a huge bowl of soup, happy to have had her first great adventure.

Quite a big adventure for such a little Elephant I'd say. And not in time for Ysolda's competition sadly, but so nice to finally be out being silly in the sunshine again. I hope someone out there gets some pleasure out of the resulting photos too!


luciewinter973 said...

Your elephant is gorgeous - I love the story, will vote for you on Ysolda's blog!

dancin_puffin said...

So cute and so much fun! :)