Sunday, 2 December 2007

Tea by the Sea

Okay, and so for my first proper post. It's definitely been a day for tea, but being by the sea has not exactly been relaxing. It has pretty much been like this all day, with constant gales and occasional hail to go with it.

Although this morning we were treated to just enough sunshine for a rainbow, and I managed to get the dog out for a walk withouth getting too soggy. And of course, there's been plenty of tea, and comfort food.

Cheese and onion on toast, and organic pork and garlic sausages. And what could be better for my first post than food and the weather!

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Maggianni said...

Hi Thank you for such a lovely amusing story of elephant and his adventure. I enjoyed it very much and it brightened up what could have been a pretty miserable day.
Thank you elephant, your a star!
I am going to try knitting your teapot cover that I saw lurking behind you in one of the photos.
Hope mine turns out like yours and not a mess to hide under a pillow or sent off to the charity shop!