Friday, 25 January 2008


Here is a glimpse of some of that new yarn I mentioned. It's hand-dyed Chunky Peruvian Highland Wool from Violet Green, and it's lovely! This is the scarlet, balled up ready to be made into a Fidget.

Red Ball

I have a skein each of scarlet, blue velvet, and aubergine (I was expecting dark purpley, but really it's black - however it's still so nice I'm not complaining!), and they are all destined for the same thing. The Fidget is my one-skein project of choice for the year of the thirties, which for me and my old school friends, is this one. Eek. And so I am knitting four. It's a very quick and easy knit, especially with chunky yarn.

And I'm quite taken with the twisted moss stitch. Well, I am now that I've worked it out! On her pattern, Robin Dodge requests that followers try everything they can to fathom the stitch out themselves before mithering her about it, and who can blame her!? I first went to see the tutorial video on (where it is referred to as k-b, for knit one below), but well, it didn't really do it for me. I was inserting the right needle upwards through the purl bump of the stitch below rather than right through the stitch to the other side, and then getting into a mess. In the end I found a diagram on, for knit one below in Fishermans Rib, showing the needle poking right through the stitch to the other side of the work, and it twigged.

Twisted Moss stitch

The first one was knit in Rowan Country superchunky, which is beautiful but, as roving, easily breaks while knitting. It also curled itself up into a tube, despite being in moss stitch. When I wet it to block, I realised that this one will have to be worn only in dry conditions... it stinks... I thought of wet sheep, but others mentionned dettol. I have been advised to leave it outside to air, and I will. It's OK when dry, but hmmm, I'm not sure I'd want it round my neck in the rain.

Anyway, here they are, and the wonderful skeins from Violet Green:

Violet Green Chunky IMG_0753 Fidget 2


a.bumblingbee said...

Thanks for explaining this--I was having trouble with it too!

onescrappychick said...

I had a feeling I was mucking it up.. thanks for the tip!