Friday, 11 January 2008

Flash Flooding

More terrible weather. Well, I might as well conform to national stereotype and moan about it! Wind and hail leaving us with a haildrift:

A great high tide, high-wind, large swell combo. The barriers were entirely washed from the prom, and I held my breath as a car tried to drive through this, hovering near the phone just in case...

And a walk to work that left me so soggy I had to tip the water from my bag into the sink when I arrived, and spread out all my paperwork on the floor to dry! These are the steps onto campus turned into a waterfall. I'd already sloshed through water over my ankles as the floods were over the kerb and the pavement was trying its hand at being a riverbed.

I think the flood only lasted half an hour or so, which is almost exactly the time it takes to walk to the office. Perfect timing eh?

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Elizabeth said...

It's been crazy this week, what with the wind earlier in the week, and then all that rain yesterday morning. Walking to work down Cefn Llan was pretty icky yesterday. I was sloshing round the office for most of the day.