Friday, 11 January 2008

Project 365

I decided to join Ravelry's Project 365! Coincidentally I found I had at least one picture from every day of 2008 so far, and so that seemed like an auspicious start, so I might as well carry on if I can. I'm not promising great masterpieces of photography, but I think this will make me notice what's going on around me a bit more, and that can only be a good thing. I will try and post the photos weekly, and so here we are, with the first lot:

1st Jan 2008 2nd Jan 2008 3rd Jan 2008 4th Jan 2008 5th Jan 2008 6th Jan 2008 7th Jan 2008


Elizabeth said...

It's nice to have a 'partner' in this. I'm really looking forward to seeing your photos.

Helena said...

You're going to make me homesick with those photos! All looks very nice, hopefully I can see it again sometime myself. I am now really craving Ultracomida tortilla but am too tired to bother to cook right now. Went skiing today (so getting the benefits of Alpine living) in a white-out which was a bit scary! Think my constant fear of the unknown has made me more exhausted. Right, off to make a Cottage Pie for my housemates for tomorrow nights dinner. Hxx