Sunday, 6 January 2008

UltraComida; Before and After

Ultracomida, we love you. I was diverted from my quest for a fry-up on wet windy Friday due to seemingly Aberystwyth-wide cafe-closure. Just as well, because fry-up was thus substituted for tea and tapas Ultracomida-style, where I easily (and promptly) transformed this:

Into this:

And then bought a load of delicious cheese in the deli on the way out to prolong the experience, and take a little slice of Ultracomida home. My favourite is a hard smoky goats cheese made in Wales somewhere, whose name I can never remember, and have to describe every time I go in, which makes me feel like a bit of an idiot, but the staff kindly humour me. Delicious.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh I love Ultracomida, but I haven't been there properly for ages. When I worked in town proper, I used to go there every day for a baguette for lunch. I miss it a lot, being way out on the science park now.