Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Norah Stafford 1921-1998

There's not much going on bythesea at the moment. A quiet week for me, and a sad one as well, for I lost my Gran on Wednesday. I am sure that she is much happier wherever she is now, and am feeling pretty philosophical about it. Nevertheless there is a gap, and regret over all the things that I wish I'd taken the time to learn from, and about her when I had the chance, but stupidly wasn't interested in when I was younger. She's not had an easy time of it recently and I hope that whatever she's doing now, she's having a ball. With love, Kerenx

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Elizabeth said...

I missed this post somehow, and I was wondering where you'd been recently. I'm sorry to hear about your gran, you have my condolences.

Elizabeth x