Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Project 365: Week 5

Not such a great photo week I didn't think; I lost my enthusiasm somewhat. I'm hoping I'll find it again when it starts getting a bit lighter. Coming home from work in the dark seems to sap all my imagination.

I was especially annoyed to have missed the waterspout. It happened yesterday, according to the news, and the pictures indicate that it was over the sea right outside my flat, and lasted a couple of minutes. And normally I would have been there, but of course yesterday I was in the office instead, and missed the whole thing. Bah. I have resigned myself to substituting the thwarted photograph of stormy nature-in-action with a late-night slightly blurry picture of my hideous wallpaper instead.

Here are the pics I did manage to take:

29th Jan 2008 30th Jan 2008 31st Jan 2008 1st Feb 2008 2nd Feb 2008 3rd Feb 2008 4th Feb 2008

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