Sunday, 16 March 2008

Cabled Beanie, with extra stripes!

This week I actually managed to knit something, prompted by the imminent approach of the birthday of the intended recipient; and helped along by the fact that because she is only three, the project wasn't too large. And so, at the request of her mother, a hat - a cabled beanie no less; this one by Carolyn.

11th March IMG_2130 IMG_2124

I'd not knitted any cables before but, as with most things, I found that when I sat down and followed the instructions the pattern appeared before my eyes. I am still astonished whenever this hapens, because somewhere in my brain still lurks the need to really understand something before I am happy with it. But with new knitting I find the only way is just to start doing it. And even with no real understanding, the cable starts to appear, and I am delighted.

The pattern suggested I used whatever cast-on I like, and as I very much like the simplicity and speed of the long-tail cast-on, this was my choice. However, I usually make a mess of the join when beginning in the round, so I found this tutorial for a 3-in-1 jog-less join by Techknitting. I have to say, for me, it didn't quite do it. It was a great deal neater than my normal attempts, but jog-less it was not. Sigh. Maybe next time.


I used Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Spirit which is absoutely lovely, but I found I had to go up a needle size and CO 126 rather than 108 stitches in order to get the right gauge. Of course I thought, having weighed several existing woolly hats at the 20-30g mark, that one 50g ball would be quite enough for one toddler hat. But no. How naive of me. It was only a little short, and so rather than go for another ball, I switched in a couple of bright pink stripes at the crown. I am still not sure if this was a good idea. My queries about whether or not I have made an ugly hat have met with telling silences and face-pulling. But I quite like it. I will have to wait and see how it goes down with the birthday girl.

16th March

Oh, and it's also big enough to fit me so, er, maybe I could have just cast on 108 stitches, and just used the one ball after all. Ho hum.


Elizabeth said...

The extra stripes are pink, so I don't see it being a problem for a toddler. I think small people of the female kind are programmed at birth to go for the pinkest things possible, despite every effort of their parents.

And don't feel bad about not being able to talk much yesterday. There was a definite manic air in town yesterday, and I was finding it quite hard to concentrate, and of course the shop is so small and there were a lot of people in there. I used to work in Galloways, and sometimes it would be hard to know which way to turn first for customers and boxes and books, without having people wanting to come in and just *chat* with you.

Helena said...

Oh no - sorry!! I must have extra light-weight hats... I think it looks cool though and she will like it I'm sure. At least she can grow into it (or maybe V can use it aswell).

Anyway, better do some work before my holidays - getting very excited now. Especially since the weather is rubbish here today, lots of cloud and rain. Although had a great days skiing on Saturday. See you soon, Hxx

Keren said...

Ha! Not your fault Helena - I should have known. I must have managed to knit the densest hat ever.

Brilliant sunshine today, I have been sitting on the balcony in a vest. (Have to sit on the balcony for the view - still haven't cleaned the windows). Look forward to you joining me! Kx

Helena said...

Looking forward to seeing you too! Although after speaking to Laura earlier am slightly worried about the cold... I have got used to the super-insulated houses out here, sitting around in a t-shirt even when it's snowing. At lunch today someone offered to lend me a down jacket to take with me! Must remember to pack my thermals though.

Anyway, will phone you in on the Thursday evening when I know if I have caught the train or not etc. Hxx