Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Project 365: Week 10

My first week of redundancy, and thus much easier to take pretty photos; I've been able to spend many more daylight hours at home and out and about rather than in the office. I avoided taking a photo of the job centre, even though that seems to have been the main location of the week.

This week has also included my first day in my new part-time job: in the knitting shop, which is much fluffier that the office ever was, and also my 30th birthday which involved much eating and merriment and oddly, a conker competition. Sadly I didn't manage any conker action shots, but anyway, here is my week:

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Elizabeth said...

Gosh, I didn't realise you'd been made redundant. That's a bugger and a half. I shall have to come stalk you now that you're working in the wool shop.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, and happy birthday too!

Keren said...

Thank you!

Actually I only lost my job at the end of its contract, so I always knew redundancy was coming, I can hardly claim any shock.

You will have me at a disadvantage if you stalk the wool shop; for I will not know who you are (unless you're carrying your brolly). And thank goodnss for "wool shop". I'm not so keen on this "LYS" business, which I admit I have only just worked out!

Elizabeth said...

Sadly my lovely pink brolly is dead. It had a good life, at least a year and a half, which is pretty good going I reckon. It was temporarily replaced by a plain black one, but died a swift death in the build up to this week's storms. I now have a bright red one from Charlies. I was thinking of taking a picture of it for you!

I can't stand all that lys-otn-kip-fo business. And it's all wool to me, even if its not been anywhere near a sheep.

When I come into the shop, I tend to have a good rummage through the sale basket, and then admire the Regia Bamboo, the Artesano Alpaca and the Freedom Spirit. One day I might actually buy some of it!