Thursday, 24 April 2008

The Urchin

At a friend's house at the weekend I spotted a rather fetching beret. It didn't suit me of course, but it was rather nice, and upon admiring it, my friend agreed, but bemoaned its size. A little larger so you could tug it down around your ears was the desire. My knitting glands started twitching immediately. I'd been wanting to have a go at this for a while, but not for myself. Did I mention that beret's don't suit me?

Ysolda's urchin. In Jaeger Natural Fleece. Very quick, and very nice to knit with. Bulkier than suggested, and I used 9mm needles too, according to the yarn, and not the 7mm called for in the pattern. I only managed 7 of the 8 hat "wedges" before I ran out of wool, but I grafted it together anyway, and it's a perfect fit! Well, for me anyway. (Although it doesn't suit me.) Hopefully it will both fit, and suit, Judy. A couple of pics here, and hopefully I'll manage to get one of it being worn by it's recipient too!

22nd April IMG_2781 IMG_2797


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