Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Old Mill

Visiting nearby friends at the weekend who live in an old mill, they happened to mention the neighbouring mill hidden in the woods. Well, naturally we insisted on going to take a peak... Lots of stinging nettles, a river crossing, and plenty of peeking through windows later we discovered this:

IMG_4008 IMG_3988

20th June IMG_3999

IMG_3990 IMG_3993

Yarn still threaded across the looms, spinning wheels, and shelves full of colourful bobbins that look like they've been left just as they were abandoned, whenever that was. The roof is now falling down, and a couple of trees have fallen onto the waterwheel at the end. It's obviously been like that for a long time, but it is amazing. Not museumy touristy this-is-how-we-once-lived amazing, but genuinely untouched amazing, like peering through the (albeit very dirty) windows of history. There were some electric lights strung up dangling from the ceiling so it can't be fairy-tale ancient, but I am guessing they were powered by the waterwheel. I'd love to know when it was last working. I must do some research!

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