Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Project 365: Weeks 27 and 28

Sometimes when I look back over the thumbnails of the last couple of weeks' photos I have a little trouble believing that they were taken so recently. If it weren't for Project 365 I never would have taken most of these. And it's so nice to look back over them when I come to post them here, and realise all the things I've done, that I have already forgotten about. Admittedly that sometimes includes making people stand under lights at nearly-midnight, holding a cardboard tube up to their face whilst I stand on the sofa taking pictures of them grinning at me like a madman, or finding abstract patterns in the washing up (in this case after a particularly disasterous curry which was so revolting that we actually washed the spices back off the vegetables - beat that), but in the end I think I like these pics the most:

1st July 2nd July 3rd July 4th July 5th July 6th July 7th July

8th July 9th July 10th July 11th July 12th July 13th July 14th July

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